Aishwarya’s Gift Lights Up Lives


The first thing that I noticed about her was the vibrant blue nail polish on her toes, and then the long braid…  Aishwarya was a lively 13-year-old girl, so they all said. And then there were the machines she was connected to as she lay on a bed in the Intensive Care Unit – dead. A sudden catastrophic bleed in the brain, with no warning whatsoever left her brain dead and her family stunned.

Memories, so many of them… yet not enough; these were Aishwarya’s mother’s feelings. Rama told us with pride that her child would participate in every activity in school, and then murmured brokenly, “She went to school on Monday morning, just like any other day, and now she has returned four days later never to go back again.” Her father Prabhakar with tears in his eyes shared that she was the only girl child in his family. An uncle remembered that Aishwarya always had a smile, that she loved to dress up, visit her cousins and play with them. Her friends said that she’d told them that morning that she’d got all that she needed for Diwali and that she was happy.

What struck us when we met the family to counsel them was their unwavering commitment to organ donation. Her maternal uncle said, “We are doing this for Aishwarya…for her life to be meaningful.” It meant a long waiting period, more than 24 hours while the procedures were carried out. The entire family waited patiently, stoically till it was all done.

We visited the family on the day of the funeral to pay tribute to Aishwarya. We laid a garland and lit a special candle on which was inscribed “Light…Pass it on.” I watched Rama standing by gazing at her daughter’s face. Someone had mentioned to me that Rama was a Sanskrit pundit and a long forgotten prayer from my childhood came to me. I reached for Rama’s hand, held it, and recited the verse.

asato mā sadgamaya

tamasomā jyotir gamaya

mrityormāamritam gamaya

Oṁ śhānti śhānti śhāntiḥ


From ignorance, lead me to truth;

From darkness, lead me to light;

From death, lead me to immortality

Peace, peace, peace


Rama looked at me and said, “Aishwarya too recited that in school every day…”

On Friday 21st October 2016 Aishwarya donated her heart, two kidneys, liver (that was shared by two children) and the corneas (that allowed two people to see again).

Aishwarya passed on the light of life to seven people whose lives were threatened with darkness.

She attained immortality in death.

We pray that her family attains peace.


14 thoughts on “Aishwarya’s Gift Lights Up Lives

  1. Aishwarya you passed on the light of life to seven people and continues to spread happiness in your immortality. Bless your soul.

  2. Sumana, very touching . Pray that God gives the Aishwarya’s mother n father n other family members strength n peace. A very courageous n large hearted family, the girl is really so sweet.

  3. Sumana, your blog brought tears to my eyes but happy that family made the decision right on time for harvesting the organs.

    Aishwarya means wealth.
    She has been a treasure trove to so many deserving people by donating her precious organs. She gave them a second chance which she was denied.
    God bless the family for this noble gesture despite their sorrow and heart break.
    The name Aishwarya creates a happy, versatile and expressive personality.

    Had she lived, she would have been versatile in studies, music, arts, dance, athletics and sports and what not……
    She has proven her versatility in a unique manner by donating her organs.
    She has created happiness by donating her heart, liver and kidneys.
    Her expressive eyes have become the light of life to some one.

    According to numerology, Aishwarya is a loveable, caring, kind, responsible, trustworthy individual.
    She has shown all this despite her untimely death.

    She had a tendency to put others needs before her own which is proved beyond doubt by this noteworthy noble gesture.

    Aishwarya has a nature for sacrificing her time and pleasure for others to create harmony in and around her.

    She has lived a full and fruitful life and continues to live through this precious and enormous gift of hers to the humanity.

    Aishwarya will live for ever in everyone’s heart for ever.

    God bless her and her family.

  4. Rama is great. Many will not accept for organ donation as it is long procedure and took nearly 48 hrs to receive the body of Aishwrya. But Rama did that.

  5. I am unlucky that I couldn’t see her even on her funeral day. But I’m always proud about her and her family for making others live with her organs. Aishwarya is stilling living.

  6. With great gratitude in my heart i pray to god to give strength to Aishwarya”s family.. because of somebody like her there is light in my house. today.. my husband underwent liver transplant with the help of mohan foundation..No words can ever express my feelings….. Please God bless the family always

  7. I was moved to tears.I am also full of admiration for Aishwarya’s parents who wholeheartedly agreed to
    donate their daughter’s organs for a noble cause.

  8. How tragic and yet how admirable on the part of the parents. So many years into this work and I still wonder where people find the strength to do this.

  9. Reading about these incidents leave me so completely humbled and speechless. The generosity of the parents, to be able to share their precious daughter even under the grievest of circumstances makes me want to bow down to them in complete admiration.

  10. Aishwarya will be living with all us with beating heart is someone, purifying blood of others and so on. I feel this is meaningful life . I hope people across india will understand this form of meaning life. Hats off to parents of Aishwarya. God will provide peace to her soul…..

  11. That was indeed a very moving recount- can imagine how much more heartache the actual experience must have been. And may the good lord (whoever they pray to) bless them all- the late angel and her wonderful parents, for this generosity. It takes a lot of courage to take such a decision- to donate organs- esp. when they must have been shattered at the loss. But Aishwarya brought aishwaryam, peace and joy to seven families, which is commendable. To give in life as in death is an amazing blessing!
    May there be more such generous people in this world.

  12. It is amazing how in the most difficult of situations, the inner strength of individuals displays itself. The mother’s response to the sanskrit verse says it all. . Salute to Aishwarya’s family. Thanks Sumana for sharing this .

  13. Sumana ..
    Words are inadequate…all I can say is….young Aishwarya gave life to Seven People…will pray to God to bless her family always…

    Usha Balu.

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