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Welcome to MOHAN Foundation blogs. The purpose of the blogs is to be able to generate information on all the important aspects related to organ donation and transplantation in the world. We would welcome you to write comments on these postings.

We invite transplant patients, their relatives, organ donors, their family members and transplant clinicians to enrichen us with their personal notes on the subject. There is so much information to share in the fields of transplants especially among the patients. There are at present no website that offer a central resource of the current happenings in the world of transplants. These pages aim to bridge this gap.

Please do not post any comments that are derogatory or have objectionable language.

We request you not to abuse this section by adding promotional material; also avoid adding your email, telephone numbers or website addresses.

If writing a comment on the posting, you are advised to keep your comments short, relevant and to the point.

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To find out about MOHAN Foundation and its activities please visit our website at www.mohanfoundation.org