My life just got a meaning

MOHAN Foundation stands for life, for the selfless cause of organ donation. It is not so simple to summarize the tireless efforts of such an organization to a few lines.  Being a small fish in this ocean of love, passion, and altruism, I hope to share with you the achievements of MOHAN Foundation. It has  evolved my admiration for this cause into an internal aspiration to help and give back to society.

The accomplishments of MOHAN Foundation through its twenty-five years of life are monumental. The collective efforts of everyone who  contributes in any way have taken a place in the hearts of organ donors and recipients throughout India.

Anudaan and TRIOMPH are beautiful examples of MOHAN Foundation in action. Anudaan is a fundraiser which seeks to make organ transplants accessible to the poor. This program has raised over $3 million to finance these services across India, making them accessible for all Indians regardless of their financial status.

TRIOMPH, or Transplant Recipients of India and Organ Failure Patients, is a patient support group  has become a community for recipients and patients to let them know that they aren’t alone in their times of need with educational seminars on patient care, diet, exercise and mental health.

The tireless efforts of MOHAN Foundation has contributed to the growth of Organ Donation In the country. It  inspires and moves you to the core when you see it happen up close and personal. I was given an opportunity to sharpen my skills in communication, collaboration to spread awareness and create conversations surrounding this subject. It’s one thing to admire this movement from the outside and recognize its importance, and another feeling altogether to be a part of this movement. 

Through my internship I comprehended the urgency of the situation and the ethics behind the topic. This generated a deeper understanding  of the cause. 

Being a part of MOHAN Foundation let me see the burning passions of those who wish to further this cause from upfront. Reading inspirational stories of transplant coordinators and talking face to face with employees truly ignites a spark within you too- a spark which tells you that if you can help in any way, you should.

A part of MOHAN Foundation is in all of us. When we see someone struggle, the slightest urge,  to the deep sense of self-obligation to help them, that is MOHAN Foundation.

-Mitra Margapuri

Mitra is a Volunteer and an ‘Organ donation Ambassador’ with MOHAN Foundation. He also took up Internship with the Foundation’s Mumbai office.

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