Education is the catalyst for transformation

I came to the MOHAN Foundation with the intention of learning about the accounting practices used by the organization and how an NGO operates. I wanted my accounting internship to be heavily focused on my accounting and finance courses.

Prior to joining the NGO, I had little knowledge about organ donation because I was raised in a sheltered environment. I became aware of the life-saving potential of organ donation through the foundation’s “GIFT OF LIFE” training. My viewpoint was widened by this course, and it motivated me to discuss organ donation with my mother.

My mother is a dedicated homemaker who enjoys education; we talk about my day every day. When I first explained that I would be interning at an organization that promotes organ donation, she immediately brushed the idea off. But after hearing about the impact of organ donation from my daily discussions, she began to realize how important it is.

I told her one evening about patients who got transplants that saved their lives, and how up to eight lives could be saved by a single donor. She was especially struck by a story about a little child who became a donor. Her initial trepidation vanished as her curiosity increased.

My mother made the decision to sign up as an organ donor a week later. My dad was also persuaded to register by her. For us, it was a proud occasion. Her choice demonstrates the value of imparting information and life experiences. My internship encouraged my family to make a decision that could save their lives in addition to educating me.

“I wholeheartedly thank the MOHAN Foundation for changing our lives.”

Shalini B. 
M.Com. DG Vaishnav College, Chennai 

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