MOHAN Foundation Conducts Awareness Talk on Organ Donation for NCC Cadets and JCOs at NCC Academy, Ropar

On 1st September 2016, MOHAN Foundation was invited by the Commandant, Col. Raj Kumar Nain, 10 Haryana Bn. N.C.C Kurukshetra, to conduct an awareness talk for their N.C.C.  Cadets and J.C.Os at NCC Academy, Ropar. The group of Cadets were from Haryana Colleges. The cadets were very much aware about Organ Donation. Around 160 cadets and 10 J.C.Os participated in the program.


Audience were given an introduction by Mr.  Sudhir Dewan and presentation on Organ Donation and Brain Death by Deepika Arora.


In this talk she explained the following points –

1. What is Organ Donation & Transplantation?

2. Types of Organ Donation

3. Types of Deaths

4. Organ donation statistics in India

6. Brain Death and its Causes

7. Difference between Brain Death & Coma

8. MOHAN Foundation – Mission & Vision


It was a very interactive session wherein the participants asked following questions:

How can we believe that after donating organ, commercial dealing will not happen?

After donation how many days organ survive?

Can we sell the Organs?

Can a person with O-negative blood group donate his organ to persons with different blood group?


At the end of the Session Mr. Sudhir Dewan requested the cadets that we all should pledge our organs and talk to the family about this Noble cause?

Source-Ms. Deepika Arora